Photobook special activities


IPhD Defence (2010)

On June 17 , 2010 I succesfully defended my PhD, titled 'Business Agility and Information Technology in Service Organizations'

Interview on Dutch Television on Supply Chain Security (2008)

In November 2008 I have been interviewed by Pernille La Lau as part of the programma VakwerkNl. The interview was about the involvement of the Rotterdam School of Management in the Transumo research project PROTECT on security in global supply chains.



Conference on Smart Business Networks in Beijing, China (2008)

In May 2008 I participated in the SBNi conference in Beijing, China. Besides an academic program the week contained visits to Tshingua University, Science Park and different companies. Of course we also paid a visit to the Great Wall, impressive!!

Training Project Leadership (2007)

Training Kernconsult Doorn

vlnr: Franc, Robbert, Janneke, me, Anja, Finus, Elsbeth, Miriam, Noortje

Smart Business Networks (2004)

Location of the Cordys Smart Business Network Science Seminar at Castel the Vanenburg in Putten

View a photo-impression here.

Business Agility Marketresearch (2004)

Lunch with the project-team: Stijn Barbara, Roelof, Rinske, Eric, Jos

E-FACTORS: European research project on e-business models (march 2002 - september 2003)

Xenia, me and Nancy Pouloudi in Brussels

project meeting in Paris

the e-factors project team (in Brussels)

kick-off meeting in Athens

Book on the EDI-Land project comes out (June 2000) 

me and co-author dr. Peter van Baalen with the book on EDI adoption in the port of Rotterdam


Study tour to the Silicon Valley - USA (April 1997)


Study tour with focus on trends in Internet, Intranet and Electronic Commerce. Visits to a/o. Netscape, Sun, Apple, Silicon Graphics, Informix, Cybercash and Pointcast. View a photo-impression here.


Telematics Student Award 1996 (November 1996)

Award for the paper  ‘The impact of EDI on logistical transport chains: a case-study in the port of Rotterdam’, based on graduation essay and PhD research (together with dr. Martijn Hoogeweegen)


EU Project Martrans (1996)

The MARTRANS project was a European research project on EDI adoption in maritime transport chains and communities. The project started at the end of 1995 and finished spring 1997. Within this project 4 case studies were done:

  1. Fruit-import in Rotterdam [Netherlands]
  2. Export Ceramic tiles from Valencia [Spain]
  3. Intermodal transport from Italy via La Spezia and Giau Tauro to the Middle East [Italy]
  4. Export from Dublin via Waterford to Europe [Ireland]

Site visit Spain (Valencia)

Site visit Italy (La Spezia, Reggio di Calabria / Giau Tauro)

Site visit Italy (La Spezia)

Site visit Ireland (Waterford, Dublin)

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